2015 KAWAII 12M


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Kawaii Kite C TEST NO ---- BARRA

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For everyday freestyle the best front line adjustment would be the blue pigtail.  This will allow for a lot more range or depower in the kite.  It’s pretty good setting for riders learning new tricks and letting go of the bar – you won’t get hammered as much!

For wakestyle riders and people who want more pop, go for the red pigtail on the front lines.  This will give you the most pop possible out of the Razor.  The trade off will be the range of the kite will decrease – you will need to start using your board to control your speed instead!

Leucate 35 knots


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2015 KAWAII 12M

2015 KAWAII 12M

Kawaii Kite C TEST NO ---- BARRA